• Separate PO box for each client’s paper claims
  • Claims opened daily, sorted, and visually scanned for problems
  • Claims remailed and rerouted when necessary
  • Claims converted to EDI
  • Claim status available on ClaimsBridge Web Portal
  • Original paper shredded after 30 days


  • Claims are in adjudication faster
  • Your staff can concentrate on tasks other than paper handling
  • You can benefit from EDI on your own schedule
  • Using EDI helps meet or beat turn-around-time and performance goals
  • Eliminates need for secure long-term paper storage

ClaimsBridge users have several choices for how to convert paper claims to EDI (electronic data interchange) format. PPOs and providers that are 100% paper-based can transition to EDI smoothly and benefit from the use of EDI immediately.

Mailroom Services

Maintaining mailroom services to handle high-volume paper claims is expensive. Paper claims require a great deal of time to open, sort, forward, and store. IHS provides mailroom services that dovetail with its EDI claims routing. This allows organizations that are 100% paper-based to transition to EDI smoothly and benefit from its use immediately.

Conversion to EDI Services

Paper claims may be converted to EDI using inexpensive off the shelf scanners. Both OCR (optical character recognition) and KFI (keyed from image) techniques are supported. No additional software is necessary. Accuracy can be enhanced by using our custom scrubbers. Delivered EDI can be in 837 format or custom format of your choice.


Scanning can be performed on your site or in our mailroom.

Online Image/EDI

ALL EDI claim data as well as associated images are fully indexed and accessible through the ClaimsBridge Web Portal.

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