• Robust claim search functionality
  • Online manual claim entry and pricing
  • Rich reporting capabilities
  • Accessible by: Provider, Biller, PPO, TPA/Payer
  • Secure site
  • User friendly, short learning curve


  • Speeds problem resolution and simplifies customer support
  • Provider access to ClaimsBridge reduces load on PPO & TPA call centers
  • Software updates or maintenance managed by IHS
  • Data is available 24/7 from any browser

The ClaimsBridge Web Portal is a powerful interface that helps clients to view or manipulate data. This secure, easy to use website means that ClaimsBridge clients can always access their data and never need to worry about installing the latest update of software.

All client data is stored securely in the ClaimsBridge Data Warehouse. Claims can be accessed individually by unique ID or as sets. Clients see a unified view of each claim, including claim data, top sheets, scanned images, audit trail and payment information. Pre-defined reports present data in often-used formats. Each claim may only be viewed or updated by persons with the correct permission to do so. Claim with problems or questions are signaled to clients on their home page as soon as the problem is noted; the claim is then routed according to the client’s resolution.

In addition to supporting powerful lookup and reporting capabilities, the Web Portal can be used to:

  • View data integrated from various sources
  • Check eligibility and plan participation
  • Update/correct provider data
  • Generate directories of providers
  • Maintain fee schedules
  • Upload scanned batches for paper to EDI processing
  • View online ClaimsBridge user guides
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