October 4, 2023 – Arnold, MD – ClaimsBridge, a leading healthcare technology company, today announced the launch of their new online Career Center on the ClaimsBridge website 

The Career Center was established to help prospective candidates learn about various aspects of working at ClaimsBridge. The new pages describe the company culture, mission, vision, and values, outline employee benefits, describe the recruitment process, and list all current job openings.  

The Career Center also includes a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help visitors understand how ClaimsBridge handles job applications and interview processes. From the Current Opportunities page, visitors can complete a form and directly upload their resume for consideration for a specific job posting or for future openings.  

“The ClaimsBridge Career Center makes a great first impression,” noted Kevin Gibson, ClaimsBridge CEO. “Our culture and values are critical to our success, so we want to be able to attract top talent and help strong candidates envision becoming part of our team and contributing to our culture. This new area of our website makes great strides toward achieving this goal.” 

The newly launched ClaimsBridge Career Center serves as a comprehensive resource for potential employees, offering them the information they need to make informed decisions. It helps candidates understand specific roles, responsibilities, and qualifications needed, aiding in self-selection. It also gives candidates insights into the employee experience so they can better understand if they align with the company’s mission and work environment. 

The Center is expected to significantly improve the user experience, streamline the recruitment process, and attract quality candidates. 

About ClaimsBridge 

ClaimsBridge is a healthcare technology company providing custom and high-performing networks, direct-to-employer contracting, RBP and Medicare pricing solutions (ClaimsBridge Navigator), and unified end-to-end pre-adjudication infrastructure for the receipt, routing and pricing of medical claims (ClaimsBridge Connect). ClaimsBridge is directly connected to over 120 partners serving self-funded and fully insured employers through their broker and benefit consultants, stop-loss carriers, third-party administrators, healthcare networks, and strategic vendor partners.  For more information about ClaimsBridge service offerings, visit www.claimsbridge.com or call 410.349.3222. 

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