ClaimsBridge Celebrates Milestone: Processing 100 Million Claims

July 5, 2023 – Arnold, MD – ClaimsBridge, a leading healthcare technology company, is thrilled to announce the successful processing of 100 million claims, marking a significant achievement for the company and its revolutionary ClaimsBridge Celerity Engine. This milestone highlights ClaimsBridge’s commitment to delivering scalable and mature solutions that redefine efficiency in the claims processing industry.

ClaimsBridge’s powerful ClaimsBridge Celerity Engine has played a pivotal role in facilitating the processing of this high volume of claims. Designed with state-of-the-art technology built on a powerful rules-based engine, ClaimsBridge Celerity enables ClaimsBridge to process claims with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

The 100 million claims processed by ClaimsBridge carry immense significance not only in terms of volume but also in financial impact. Considering the average medical bill falls between $1500 and $2000, ClaimsBridge’s processing represents an astounding $150-200 billion dollars. This figure showcases the substantial contribution ClaimsBridge has made in ensuring the efficient flow of claims for healthcare providers, insurance companies, and patients alike.

Kevin Gibson, CEO of ClaimsBridge, commented on the considerable milestone, “We are incredibly proud to have reached the milestone of processing 100 million claims. This accomplishment is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our team and the extraordinary capabilities of our ClaimsBridge Celerity Engine. We remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower our clients to navigate the complex landscape of claims processing effortlessly.”

Gibson further added, “As we celebrate this achievement, we extend our gratitude to our valued clients and partners who have entrusted us with their claims processing needs. We look forward to continuing to revolutionize the industry and driving further advancements that will shape the future of claims management.”

As an industry leader, ClaimsBridge enables organizations to optimize their operations and accelerate claim settlement processes. With a consistent focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, ClaimsBridge leads the charge in containing healthcare costs by delivering high-performance solutions that raise the bar for the entire healthcare claims lifecycle.

About ClaimsBridge

ClaimsBridge is a healthcare technology company providing custom and high-performing networks, direct-to-employer contracting, RBP and Medicare pricing solutions (ClaimsBridge Navigator), and unified end-to-end pre-adjudication infrastructure for the receipt, routing and pricing of medical claims (ClaimsBridge Connect). ClaimsBridge is directly connected to over 120 partners serving self-funded and fully insured employers through their broker and benefit consultants, stop-loss carriers, third-party administrators, healthcare networks, and strategic vendor partners.  For more information about ClaimsBridge service offerings, visit or call 410.349.3222.