Jeffrey Penn, FAHM: Powering Growth

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Jeff Penn, Vice President of Business Development at ClaimsBridge, to uncover his unique journey with the company and explore what makes ClaimsBridge an exceptional place to work. Jeff’s story is one where freedom and growth is supported by the ClaimsBridge culture of collaboration and creativity from the bedrock of a thriving work environment.

Q: What initially attracted you to join our company, and what has made you stay?

It’s definitely the people; folks like Bob Schmidt, Mike Tosti. Mike was the real catalyst behind it all. We’ve worked together in the past and he’d had a great experience with ClaimsBridge. And the fact is their portfolio was attractive. It was clear that I had the ability to enhance it, which we’ve done. So those were the primary factors: simply relationships and product portfolio.

Q: Work-life balance is crucial. How would you describe it at ClaimsBridge?

We work from home, so it’s an ideal scenario.  I work constantly because that’s how I’m wired, but I can take breaks. I have a really nice set of trails right at the back door here, so if I want to go grab a quick 30-minute bike, I can do that.  It’s a mountain bike ride, so I get a good pump in 30 minutes and I come back energized for the rest of the day. Kevin Gibson as a CEO is very, very people-oriented, which is good and that’s a great culture to be in.

“The culture embraces ideas, assertiveness, and creativity. I’ve got the keys and I’m free to drive my ideas.”

Q: Can you describe your most significant achievement or project during your time at the company and how it impacted the organization?

It’s distribution and expansion of the product portfolio which encompasses our Connect Services, High Performance Networks, RBP platform and Blue Cross networks. We offer the most unique product portfolio in the industry which has enabled significant growth, and we are tracking to escalate revenues dramatically this year once again.

Q: How has your role evolved since you joined the company, and what steps have you taken to adapt to those changes?

I spearheaded efforts to increase our visibility in the TPA area and helped to enhance the product portfolio. We have seen dramatic revenue growth as a result.  Health systems sponsoring direct-to-employer initiative (D2E) and direct contracting by self-funded employers/TPAs is a trend and we have the ideal solution to ensure success for all parties. Our RBP platform is incredibly unique and has demonstrated substantial savings.

Q: How do you think our company’s culture and values impact the way we work and make decisions?

The culture embraces ideas, assertiveness and creativity. I’ve got the keys and I’m free to drive my ideas. It’s a positive culture, a great group of people in all departments, a warm atmosphere.

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