ARNOLD, MD,  July 19th, 2022 –  ClaimsBridge, (, a leading healthcare technology company providing end-to-end claims cost containment solutions, announced that  Marie McDaniel has joined their team as the Sr Director of Operations.  In this new role for ClaimsBridge, Marie will  manage and expand operational protocols with a focus on strengthening client relationships and revenue growth.  

Marie’s background encompasses 20+ years in leadership roles with experience in the health insurance industry operations, compliance and cost containment. Before joining the team, Marie was responsible for overseeing operations, systems and client accounts in an executive role for GFAR Health Services (formerly Devon Health/Consilium), focusing mostly on medical claims cost containment and network pricing. 

As Director of Compliance at Trustmark Insurance Company, she developed a deep understanding for all operational aspects of insurance and cost containment industry identifying protocols for compliance with state and federal requirements governing the conduct of both Trustmark Insurance Company and CoreSource.  While at Trustmark she completed Health Insurance Associate and Disability Insurance Associate designations from the Health Insurance Association of America. 

Kevin Gibson, ClaimsBridge’s CEO shared, “We are very excited to have Marie come on board at this point in our company’s evolution.   We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of service to our clients.  Marie’s knowledge and experience will ensure that as we grow,  we shall focus on constantly improving service standards while creating innovative engagement with our new product offerings.

About ClaimsBridge 

ClaimsBridge is a healthcare technology company providing custom and high performing networks, direct to employer contracting, RBP and Medicare pricing solutions (ClaimsBridge Navigator) and unified end-to-end pre-adjudication infrastructure for the receipt, routing and pricing of medical claims (ClaimsBridge Connect). ClaimsBridge is directly connected to over 120 partners serving self-funded and fully insured employers through their broker and benefit consultants, stop-loss carriers, third-party administrators, healthcare networks and strategic vendor partners.  For more information about ClaimsBridge service offerings visit or call 410.349.3222.