ARNOLD, MD,  April 1st, 2022 –  ClaimsBridge, (, a leading healthcare technology company providing end-to-end claims cost containment solutions, announced that their long serving founder, CEO and President, Bob Schmidt will be stepping down from his current role and moving to a Chief Strategy Officer position.   

After 20 years of growing ClaimsBridge from its initial infrastructure solution for Health Networks, into the ClaimsBridge Navigator suite of custom provider networks, claims & contract pricing and cost containment solutions, Bob has decided to step down as CEO.   Bob will focus his attention on alliances, partnerships and investments as the company continues its growth and expansion of the ClaimsBridge product suite and client base.      

ClaimsBridge subsequently announced that their COO Kevin Gibson would assume the CEO/President role effective immediately.    Kevin joined ClaimsBridge in January 2021 and has spent the past year transforming the company operations to create an environment for product expansion, enhanced client services and business development.   In Kevin’s prior career he was a Sr VP at Experian Health overseeing implementation and account management.   Kevin has spent his career implementing process and automation enhancements to drive service efficiency while improving the client experience and  revenue retention. 

Kevin Gibson shared his perspective on his new role, “These are very exciting times for ClaimsBridge clients and team members, we have seen wonderful growth with the expansion of our product suite.   Helping employers, administrators and health networks reduce costs to fight the challenges of ever increasing health care expense is our key mission.    Our ClaimsBridge Celerity engine is genuinely an industry leader in terms of the accuracy at which we can price claims and thus provide a higher level of service and expedite timely payments.    The ClaimsBridge Celerity technology and the wonderful employee camaraderie brought me to ClaimsBridge, I am incredibly excited to lead our next chapter of growth, and to be part of the solution for reduced healthcare costs.”


About ClaimsBridge 

ClaimsBridge is a healthcare technology company providing custom and high performing networks, direct to employer contracting, RBP and Medicare pricing solutions (ClaimsBridge Navigator) and unified end-to-end pre-adjudication infrastructure for the receipt, routing and pricing of medical claims (ClaimsBridge Connect). ClaimsBridge is directly connected to over 120 partners serving self-funded and fully insured employers through their broker and benefit consultants, stop-loss carriers, third-party administrators, healthcare networks and strategic vendor partners.  For more information about ClaimsBridge service offerings visit or call 410.349.3222.